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Welcome to the official Offshore Bakery Website! This is where you can find all the info about the Bakery. Christmas is coming, so snow or no snow, we are baking up a storm! Like Santa's Workshop we are making florentina's, chocolate killer cookies, shortbread, brownies dipped in chocolate, etc. Hurry in to get first pick of our new delicate European style Christmas cookies. The whole shop is adorned with garlands and Christmas balls, and the outside with greenery, and don't even think of turning on your oven, we'll do the Christmas baking for you! Custom orders accepted with 48 hours notice. We are open Tuesday - Saturday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. We also only accept cash as well (That means no debit)!

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Our specialities include flax, white, alpine, sourdough, and cheese. Customers have the option of whole or sliced bread, and even fresh frozen. The hundreds of fresh loaves that are baked daily are filling the air with their scent!

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Butter Tarts

About 80 dozen butter tarts are made everyday and the mastermind behind their irresistable taste in the one and only Wendy Harwood. They have been ranked second place in Canada, according to the Canadian Living magazine.

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Christmas is coming, so come on in and try our fresh new cookies. We have everything from the classic peanut butter, oatmeal rasin, and chocolate chip, to the new double chocolate dipped cookie!

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Gluten Free

Need some gluten-free / wheat-free items? Come on in and pick up a European style crusty bread or pick something from our large selection of squares, muffins, and sandwhiches.